BEWARE GRAFFERS ! German railways to test anti-graffiti drones

Germany’s national railway company, Deutsche Bahn, plans to test small drones to try to reduce the amount of graffiti being sprayed on its property.



From director Roger Gastman—a producer of the Academy Award-nominated documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop—comes Wall Writers, a documentary on graffiti in its innocence. WALL WRITERS Through unprecedented access to TAKI 183, CORNBREAD, and a host of other legendary writers, Wall Writers tells the story of a time when underprivileged city kids refused to keep … Lire la suite

Streets: RETNA (Los Angeles)

The AM crew did a night time driveby past the new RETNA (featured) wall in Beverly Hills recently. The mural on the side of Gallery Brown isn’t the MSK AWR street calligrapher’s first time putting in work in the area if you remember, as he also put his brush on the walls of the Chanel … Lire la suite

POSE x KC Ortiz – Whitewash Show Preview

On Saturday, November 19, graffiti artist POSE and photojournalist KC Ortiz will unveil “Whitewash” – their second exhibition at Known Gallery in Los Angeles, and their most cohesive to date. For POSE, “Whitewash” references society’s attempt to eradicate graffiti and stifle human expression, saying “shortly after I started writing graffiti, Chicago took an extremely hard-line … Lire la suite

The history of american graffiti book signing – The hole event recap

July 21, 2011 marked the 40-year anniversary of Taki 183 in The New York Times as well as the The History of American Graffiti’s first NYC signing event, which took place at The Hole in NYC. The event featured a special appearance by TAKI 183 along with special guests from Writers’ Corner 188. Shots from … Lire la suite

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