The Berrics: “Established” with Real Skateboards

« > The Berrics recently launched their new segment, Established, with skateboard company Real Skateboards. As board sponsor to HUF owner Keith Hufnagel since 1992, Real Skateboards has been one of the most enduring and evolving brands in the industry. Check out the first two installments of Established, discussing the history behind Real Skateboards and how … Lire la suite

Lacoste L!VE Movie Vol.1

Lacoste L!VE Movie Vol.1 by Adrian Brinkley, March 3, 2011 French sportswear label Lacoste is launching a new campaign to promote Lacoste L!VE in Japan and to celebrate the beginning of this project they’ve created a fun video which highlights the mood of the label. With break dancers, skateboarders and BMX riders all performing in … Lire la suite

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