Prism Break by Dalek Exhibition Recap

Prism Break by Dalek Exhibition We previously let you in on the upcoming Prism Break exhibition by the colorful structuralist artist Dalek and now are lucky enough to have some brilliant, high-resolution shots of some of the pieces included in the show to share. Truly mesmerizing, the installation includes themes of geometric activity, dark hues … Lire la suite

The history of american graffiti book signing – The hole event recap

July 21, 2011 marked the 40-year anniversary of Taki 183 in The New York Times as well as the The History of American Graffiti’s first NYC signing event, which took place at The Hole in NYC. The event featured a special appearance by TAKI 183 along with special guests from Writers’ Corner 188. Shots from … Lire la suite

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