Norse x Artist Project SS11 – Pica Pica

Norse x Artist Project SS11 – Pica Pica

Pica Pica
City: Liege, Belgium
6 armed Belgian art trio Pica Pica live in a colourful, geometric world creating fantastic child-like installations.

PP= All together, singing

How did you approach this project?

PP: We wanted to use objects from our paintings but we didn’t want a copy/paste thing. We had to find a way to translate the painting matter into something more « graphic », just a big colourful shape. We used the pixel like shape to differentiate the designs from the paintings in an obvious way, one is handmade the other one isn’t, the painting is a piece of art, the t-shirt is just a t-shirt.

What gets you up in the morning, or keeps you up at night?

M: Love/curiosity
J: My alarm clock in the morning, coffee and late work at night.
B: seeing the stuff from the day before, in daylight and being out here by night.

Top 5 albums for listening to when you’re working?

– Lucio Battisti – « Il nostro caro Angelo »
– Der Nebel nur in klarer Luft – « Gezeiten des Lebens »
– Laura – « Radio swan is down »
– Galaxie 500 – « On Fire »
– Cat Stevens – « Izitso »
– Dinosaur Jr  » Where you been? »
– Los Chichos  » Todo chichos »
– Pulp « His N Hers »
– the Wanderers OST
– some Resident advisors podcasts…
– « The Wicker Man » OST
– Robert Wyatt « Rock Bottom »
– François de Roubaix’s complete discography, in shuffle (from early morning to late night)
– A friend’s minimal techno mixes (for white nights)
And these days, « Zuckerzeit » by Cluster

What’s your biggest source of inspiration right now?

M: Nature/Civilization contrast
B: Being around…watching and biking my city. Discovering more of it a puzzle.
J: Google images

source:Norse Project


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